Gwen’s Busy Fall

To bring everyone quickly up to speed, let’s briefly go through Gwen’s fall/holiday season. She went in for her annual eye exam at which point a spot in her eye was discovered. She was sent to a couple of doctors, eventually winding up at Duke. On an unrelated note, she had been having migraines and saw a neurologist.

So, concurrently she wound up having a slew of tests done that basically said all was fine and that the eye spot was perhaps a mole and by the way, there is something on your lung that may be a residual upper respiratory infection or it could be tuberculosis? I think she got a shot for that.

So sometime around Thanksgiving she noticed that when she blinked she could see a ring, so they biopsied the eye. Lots of pain and multiple days later it was determined that she (as we all knew) was abnormal, but they ran out of cells to test before determining what was the deal with this eye spot that was still growing.

Sometime before Christmas they did a PET scan, the results of which we got on Christmas Eve – in addition to the eye thing, there were spots in the lung, on the spine, and on her hip that reacted to the scan.


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