January 2, 2015

After the PET scan, Gwen and Justin met with a surgeon as it was determined that the lung spot was the best bet for a biopsy, but it wasn’t going to be a needle biopsy, they were going to go in and remove the tumor and she would have her lung collapsed, a chest tube, the whole 9 yards.

She came through the surgery alright, but even though we knew what the surgeon was going to tell us – I mean we HAD to know, right? – the conference with him was the worst 20 minutes I have ever experienced. The surgeon was amazing, but to hear him say, “it is definitely cancer, and it isn’t good,” was not what we were expecting to hear!

Skipping ahead some days, after biopsies were complete, Gwen, Justin, Mom, Dad, and I are huddled in the small exam room to hear that it is indeed lung cancer and it is stage 4. But she has no symptoms!!! This is crazy!! What in the world?!?


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