Chemo starts

Chemo round 1. It was a l o n g day. She went in around 8:30 and left around 5:30. Some of that time was spent with the doctor, and she is participating in a clinical trial, so she spent time with the trial nurses, too. The trial is nothing experimental, they are just comparing different FDA approved treatments against each other. She is getting chemo with a blood vessel blocker.

Things went well, at first… About 4 days after receiving her first dose of chemo (Super Bowl  weekend time, I believe) she started having an allergic reaction to something from her chemo cocktail. She broke out in a rash all over the place. She had an appointment the Monday after the big game. The doctor was impressed by her rash. Go big or go home!

They hooked her up to a Benedryl-type IV, prescribed her every allergy med under the sun, and put her on ‘roids. The one positive that came out of that was that she gained some weight – she had lost a bunch in the time period between her eye biopsy and chemo.


That Friday, she went back for a rash check, and as a bonus, they had test results! Things are looking good for her to have a possible ROS-1 mutation, which make up <1% of lung cancers. Of course we have to wait for more tests to come back, so stay tuned!


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