What next?

The next days were a blur. Gwen and Justin fit in a trip to Disney where Justin ran in the half marathon with his brother. Justin had a personal best! Gwen was doped up on drugs recovering from her surgery. Callie ran in a race, too, and they got to spend some time with Justin’s parents.


There were doctors appointments. Gwen, Justin, Mom, Dad, and I all went to meet with the cancer team. The appointment only took from 9am until 2:30 pm. :/

We liked all of the people we met – the patient navigator, who is like a cancer guidance counselor whose name I consistently get wrong, the oncologist, the radiologist, multiple nurses, the clinical trial nurses… Our heads were swimming and we were hot. The room was rather stuffy.

Bottom line, we were told that Gwen is unique – we all already know that! We were told that the stats you see don’t apply to her… She is not a 71 year old male smoker. We were told that this is going to be like a chronic illness for her, one that they hope to manage but will not be able to cure.

The doctors had sent tissue off to be tested for molecular mutations that can cause lung cancer. They had they results back from one test… Negative. But they were convinced that she was going to be positive for EGFR mutation which would mean that they would be able to do a targeted treatment with a pill instead of chemo. While we await test results, she was going to start getting a shot for her bones to strengthen them from any damage caused by the tumors in her hip and spine.


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