Chemo Session 2

Sunday, we had the opportunity to get together with our New York visitors and family to eat a bunch of food. The request was for southern food, so we had bbq, hushpuppies, slaw, and of course, ice cream. We also took the opportunity to trim up the bangs on Gwen’s wig… she was really bothered that she was having to part them like curtains. Best part of the evening was when I said, “Ok, let me grab my scissors!” and she said, “Let me grab my hair!”

Gwen had her second round with chemo yesterday. She got hooked up around 10:30. This time, her IV cocktail included some benadryl which made her very, very nauseous. In retrospect, she feels like if she had slept through it, she would have been fine, but her “guidance counselor,” whom I call Helen, was there talking to her. Oh, Helen, sweet Helen.

Once they got some nausea meds in her, the rest went smoothly. She is allowed one guest in the chemo receiving room. Yesterday, she had backup guests that took turns: Justin, Mom, sister Kristen, and friend Kristen.

Word has it that friend Kristen and Mom had the corner on the waiting room puzzle. They told a kid that he could help them, but we wonder if he was really able to do any helping…

We are also finding amusement in the fact that the New Yorkers came down here for winter break and it has snowed. At least we transplanted southerners can spend more time with them because school is closed!


Gwen is enjoying spending time with her New York visitors and wishes we were all snowed in at the same house… not sure the rest of us wish that… As of this morning, she has reportedly lost all of her hair and feels a bit better now. Before, she still had some on the sides and felt as though she looked like she had male pattern baldness.

Now, let’s hope this snow melts before the 5K!!



2 thoughts on “Chemo Session 2

  1. After the boy came to the table, he read the sign and realized that children weren’t allowed at the puzzle table. He left quickly. We are sorry for bringing the the or rile weather with us!


  2. When Mimi (Jeanne’s cousin) gets her chemo she now gets hers in pill form and it keeps her from getting so jumpy. Sleep through your chemo. You are in charge of your emotional and physical well being. It’s ok to tell someone that you need to sleep. Xoxo


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