Finally, we have a mutation!

So, last night Gwen got a call from her oncologist wishing her luck for the 5K (more on that later) and to let her know that she had received some positive test results. Gwen has non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) which originated in the glandular tissue. This is called adenocarcinoma. There are several molecular mutations that they have tested Gwen for, and we finally have a winner! She’s positive for the ROS-1 mutation, or as cousin Sarah said, “So she’s like one of the X-Men?”


ROS-1 mutations make up about 1% of cases of NSCLC adenocarcinomas In young, non-smokers. Of course here young means average age of 50! Gwen and I are talented when it comes to getting diseases before we should. We had to find something to be talented at.

For more info on the ROS-1 mutation visit this site:

So what?

Glad you asked. ROS 1 is one of the few mutations that has an FDA approved drug to treat the cancer. Right now, since she already started chemo, she will continue that course of treatment. She has a scan in 2 weeks to make sure the chemo is working. If so, she will stay the course, if not, she can use this pill. She essentially has two weapons in her arsenal.

Gwen’s doctor, Doctor G, wants you to know that if you are ever diagnosed with NSCLC, you need to request molecular mutation testing. It is new enough that not all docs do it automatically. Also, lung cancer screening is now covered by Medicaid.

We had a great day at the 5K today, but that deserves its own post, and I am falling asleep as I type, so that one will have to wait until tomorrow, friends!


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