Eye Check

So I was wrong in my last post… Gwen’s eye appointment was today, not next week. Oops. Anyway… here is an update from my guest blogger, Mom who just e-mailed us and I literally copied and pasted the e-mail here.

Gwen had a check up with Dr. M today.  He said, “I couldn’t be more pleased.” Then he added, “I will be happy when it all goes away.” The mass has shrunk considerably since March (from 750 microns in thickness to 530). The mass has a signature to it that indicates inactivity on one side. Dr. M is happy with the current treatment plan, so he did not suggest the cold laser treatment at this time. He will just continue monitoring the eye mass. Gwen’s next appointment with him will be May 8th. He left saying, “This is good news!”

Gwen’s scans of her chest and abdomen, and her MRI of the brain happen this Sat. with a follow up with Dr. G on Monday. Here’s praying for more good news!


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