Aunt Gwen

I’ve learned my lesson. People enjoy updates, even if there aren’t really any updates! Gwen is doing well. She is busy getting her Calculus class ready for their exam on Tuesday. The biggest news of all is that her hair is growing back! I have heard her challenge a couple people to a hair growing contest.

Last weekend, Gwen, Callie, and I went to a strawberry festival. It was lovely. Callie got to see some camels (we also find that odd for a strawberry festival), jump in a bounce house, and ride on a pony! And I think there were only 3 small booths of strawberry vendors, which I also found odd, but whatever.


We also celebrated Hannah’s birthday last weekend, and one of the things Hannah wanted to do was test out our zipline. Everyone took a zip, even Mom and Gwen!


Later in the week, Justin, Gwen, and Callie came to one of Will’s baseball games. After the game, Lachlen challenged her to a footrace. Gwen won…kind of. Lachlen changed the finish line to a different location when he saw he was going to lose. She also ran around the playground to go down the slides with Lachlen and Callie.

This was the most display of energy I have seen from her in a  l o n g  time! Afterwards, she did say she was a bit tired… but she was the only grownup running around. We give her permission to be a little tired.

I must say, it has been nice to have Aunt Gwen back.



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