The Gwen Effect

A couple of things to share this week. The first is an update on all the migraines Gwen was having. For those who don’t know, and I am not sure how much I mentioned about this in any earlier posts, but starting in April 2014, Gwen was having migraines about once a week. She had never had one before. These finally got on her nerves enough that she scheduled her appointment with the neurologist and went for that fateful visit to the eye doctor – you know, the one who found the tumor?

Anyhoo, it was determined that there was no medical reason for these migraines – they were likely genetic. Mom has them occasionally, and her two stunningly gorgeous sisters have also been known to get migraines. They were not related to the cancer. But guess what? Ever since January, when we got the official diagnosis, she has not had a single one. Not. One. And remember, friends, how she had no external signs of lung cancer when this was found? Gwen believes these migraines were certainly her sign from God.

Look! She's got hair!
Look! She’s got hair!

Second awesome story to share is one that Gwen shared at church today. She was riding on the track bus when two of the athletes were having a conversation in the row behind her. One of them told the other that she never really believed in God until Gwen got sick and then got better. Now she believes. It’s the Gwen Effect.

She is moved by how her experience has effected others, and we hope that others will continue to be moved by her story!

Please keep spreading the word!


3 thoughts on “The Gwen Effect

  1. We have been praying every day for Gwen to be healed and for God to get the glory. What a beautiful answer. Praying for a full and complete healing! Bonnie & Ted Saunders


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