Gearing Up For Summer!

Gwen and Justin finished up their school year yesterday. They had not made any summer plans because they were waiting for the results from this week’s appointments.

Tuesday: Eye appointment with the ocular oncologist. Friend Jayne went with her. Result: the tumor is still present and likely will always be present in some form. The “perimeter” of the tumor is about the same, but the fluid under the tumor has decreased thus decreasing how much the tumor is raised up. In prepping for this blog entry, I asked her the question I figured would be on most of your minds, “How is your vision?” Her response? “20/20.” Not what I meant, Gwen… Answer: She can still see the tumor.

Wednesday: CT scans and a check up with Dr. G. Result: Confusion. In a good way. Her scans look better than last time! Yay! But wait, how are they better than the report from last time of “no cancer present?” Doctor’s visits can be so confusing. Even with the good reports! At any rate, we’ll take it! The scan reader person said there were some signs of inflammation in a couple of spots, which is apparently not unusual when taking Xalkori. The doctor couldn’t even really find said spots in the scan when she looked, so no worries. Summer travel is a go, folks!

In related news, I mentioned in the last blog post that we met a lady who had seen Gwen’s case presented at a conference. Dr. G. told Gwen today that this particular conference was the most exciting conference in terms of lung cancer news/advancements they had ever had! There are more drugs being approved, including now a “third line of defense” drug, meaning, if the body stops responding to Xalkori, a second drug is attempted. Now they have a third for if the second one stops working. This is exciting news! Especially since Gwen is only on drug #1.

Twins! Because I have no other pics for this post...
Twins! Because I have no other pics for this post…

In unrelated news, I was able to rope Gwen into helping me at Vacation Bible School for the rest of this week. VBS is not something we experienced “up north.” That is not to say it doesn’t exist up there, I just personally had never even heard of it. This is the first time Gwen has helped out. She came and helped with setting up, and today through Friday, she’ll he helping in the kitchen with snack.

Again, no other pics, so enjoy the VBS set.
Again, no other pics, so enjoy the VBS set.

Will told me yesterday that his favorite part of VBS was recreation and Bible Story. Today, he said he now has three favorite parts: add snack “because Aunt Gwen was there.” Awwwwwwww. So sweet! (He finally cut his hair today to match hers).

Gwen and I have found it kind, but at the same time we have been surprised, that people are concerned that VBS may be too taxing for her. She just finished teaching and coaching all day, every day! Helping with snack is a cakewalk! She’s got this. Gwen has said she is finding herself wanting to help people more because of how many people have helped her. This experience has certainly affected her in many ways.


5 thoughts on “Gearing Up For Summer!

  1. I have a blog would love for you too read and keep in chat…. I was diagnosed at 29 last June with non small Cell lung cancer and have just went through one year on tarceva chemo tablet and now after some re growth I started drip chemo yesterday I loved your blog amazing story and amazing reading


  2. Oh I meant to say I love the getting involved in bible school I too keep mega active have my own fitness and dance school and I believe there’s nothing better than to keep busy and live your life doing things you love! Amazing positive blog


  3. Excellent news Gwen and Justin!!! We can’t wait to see you all at the lake…..this will be a special summer for sure!


  4. I can’t imagine VBS wearing down Gwen! She’s the strongest person I know. So glad it’s going so well! Best. News. Ever.


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