Summertime Blues (sort of)

Hello again, friends! We are back in NC – Gwen and Justin start school on Friday (hence we are feeling blue). I had every intention to update once more before our summer’s end but, alas, I did not. So, quickly, I’ll update you on a couple fun things that would have been in said post.

  1. They cruised. Gwen was allowed on the ship despite being in the ER two days prior (phew). They had fun. Gwen gambled $20 over 8 days and won $300…On slot machines. There was some parasailing, ziplining, beaching, quizzing, dining… Callie survived and so did her caregivers. All 8 of them.


Zip line on cruise excursion
Zip line on cruise excursion


2. Gwen had birthday funtivities. As always. For a week. There were ice cream outings, mini golf, boativities, waterfall hikes, etc. Everyone loved it and no one was upset ever because it was Gwensday.



3. Justin also had a birthday. Will was really excited about it…



Now for the really fun part! After getting back into town Saturday, Gwen spent Monday, Tuesday (Justinsday), and Wednesday at various doctor’s appointments getting scans and results of scans and whatnot.

Monday: Scan day – CT scan, brain scan, bone scan… Basically radioactive day.

Tuesday: Met with ocular oncologist (Dr. M) to check on the eye mass. Good news: it is continuing to shrink! Also, Gwen’s vision is only bothered by it when she blinks and is looking for it. She has trouble seeing at night, however.

Wednesday: Met with Dr. G. to go over all the other scans. Gwen had never had a bone scan before. The main concern from the start was with the lung. Anything else was secondary, so now that the lung stuff is under control, I guess they decided it was a good time to scan her bones, but this made Gwen the most nervous because she wasn’t sure what might be found in other places.

Results? CT scan of the bones show no change in the spots originally identified on hip and spine, however, on the bone scan these spots did not light up as they would if they were cancerous. Therefore, it is believed that there is not a correlation between these spots and cancer, however they cannot be 100% positive about that. At any rate, this was rather good news!

Now onto the lungs. Once again, we are told the Gwen’s lungs look EVEN BETTER than last time! “But wait, how can this be?” you ask cautiously. “Weren’t they clear last time?” Why yes, friends, they were…

After hearing this twice now, Gwen did ask for an explanation. The doctor explained that there’s this little nodule that keeps shrinking. If someone unfamiliar with Gwen’s case were to look at her scans from last time, they would likely not even notice said nodule. If they saw her scans from this week, they wouldn’t notice the nodule at all. Her lungs look like a healthy person’s lungs! The doctor continues to be so excited every time she meets with Gwen. Part of that is the crazy awesome response to the medication, and part is the fact that she doesn’t have patients with this mutation, so I am sure she enjoys the learning aspect of Gwen’s case.

Gwen also reported that the brain scan “showed nothing.” (That one was too easy. I let it go).

At this appointment, Gwen also got her bone strengthening shot and a pneumonia vaccination. Someone told me, repeatedly, the pneumonia one hurts later on. A lot. The vaccine lasts 10 years! Hopefully the pain doesn’t.

So, overall, another excellent report! Nothing has metastasized to places previously unchecked. Lungs look like those of a person without cancer. Hence, the next check up will be in THREE months instead of the normal two!


In the meantime, please continue to send up prayers of thanksgiving for the healing that has taken place, the advances in science that have allowed this to happen, and the awesome doctors that have been placed in Gwen’s path, and please pray that she will continue to tolerate this course of treatment.

Thank you to all of you who have been following along and asking about her and praying for her! It is working!!


4 thoughts on “Summertime Blues (sort of)

  1. Wow! That is AWESOME News indeed. Well except for the summertime blues part. Praying! And ps – I’ve always thought Gwen’s lungs look amazing so no shock there. I carry her lungs in my heart. 😉


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