The Throat Doesn’t

So, I am writing this post from a hospital room! Gwen has been here since 6am. She has issues, y’all. What started as similar symptoms to what she had this summer (esophagitis) has turned out to be something different!

Today’s adventure landed her in the ER with dad at 6. They hung out for 13 hours in the ER! Gwen was nauseous all morning (ask dad). They have her approximately 5 different meds for that before that was under control. And the one that finally worked knocked her out so good she doesn’t remember getting her blood drawn!

She feels like there is a small, yet soft marble in her throat.

Long story short, during the 14th hour, Dr. G. called the ER to speak to her and diagnosed her over the phone with thrush. This makes sense with her symptoms and with the recent medications the doctor had put her on (she was trying to overcome a really bad cold). The chest x-Ray and MRI they did today look good with the exception of some signs of sinusitis.

About 5 minutes after dad’s 13 hour shift with Gwen in an ER bay with a non-functioning TV, we got word that Gwen was getting a real room with a real bed! See?

Now she’s feeling more comfy and can eat soft foods (like the lousy sugar free jello she hates and some not-so-good soup) and can watch some TV. Sorry, dad. She’ll also get some meds to treat this thrush and hopefully be on the mend! Let’s hope she keeps down the food.



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