“Out, damn’d spot! out, I say!”

Hey everyone! I was just thinking about the fact there had been no update in awhile because there hasn’t been anything to report. Well, leave it to Gwen to come to the rescue with some good news to report!

20160207_191535You see, we were sitting in church, and Gwen, having a short attention span, started testing her vision (it may or may not have been during a prayer) like so:


She suddenly realized that she wasn’t seeing her spot (the tumor one) any more! The news quickly traveled down the pew, as soon as there was a break in the action, of course. Maybe she’ll be able to see better at night now. We’ll see.

Stay tuned; her next eye appointment is March 22nd.

Until then, we’ll update you later this week after her next body scans with Dr. G!



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