Latest Scan Results

Sorry I forgot to update after the scans… My bad. Chest and brain scans (we’re told) are good. We like to joke that her brain function has never been that awesome… Her pelvis was also screened. Her pancreas, liver, and such are also good.


The left lung did have a “cloud” present. This, and a low white blood cell count seemed to be indicative of her getting over a virus. But Gwen has not been sick, so this is a bit confusing. The doctor is not concerned, but this has us looking forward to the next scans in three months so we can compare!

Gwen was asked if she’d be willing to donate blood to researchers looking for a way to do a blood test for the ROS-1 mutation. She said, “Of course!”


This winter season of people getting sick and having perpetual coughs has also made Gwen ask people if they’ve been screened for Lung Cancer. So, remember, if that cough persists long after that cold is gone, perhaps it is time for a screening!



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