Another Eye Update

‘Tis been a long time since we’ve updated the good people who follow Gwen’s progress, and actually, Gwen failed to even update me after her last appointment! She has become so accustomed to good news that she kept forgetting to tell me about her last trip to the eye doctor. This was after we even spent three days together on a little Spring Break trip! How great is that??

Look at all that hair!

So she and I have finally spoken about her eyes. Her appointment was back on March 22nd. She was scheduled to see one doctor, but then her main guy, Dr. M. came in. It turns out that he is leaving Duke and will be going to Stanford. He wanted to come see Gwen and say his goodbyes. They currently don’t have a replacement for him, but the current team will take good care of Gwen and keep Dr. M. informed of her case. He is rather pleased with how well her eye tumor has responded to the Xalkori, seeing as how many of these types of medications are not known to cross the blood-brain barrier and her tumor has quite obviously responded. (If you recall, there was talk really early on about possible radiation of the eye if the tumor didn’t respond). So apparently, “they” are reporting “their” findings about how her tumor has responded to the medication and her case is being used in medical land.

As we mentioned last time we reported on the tumor, it is still there, smaller than last time, and remnants of it likely will always be present. The analogy was made to Gwen that it was like a building that was knocked down – the pile of rubble is still there but there is no structure to it any more.

And here is the biggest shocker – no more eye checkups for 6 months!! Well, about 5 months from this blog update…

Thank you for continuing to keep Gwen in your thoughts and prayers – and I know you do because people ask me about her all the time (even my own Rheumatologist as well as my dentist and my dental hygienist who only see me twice a year). People are good and kind.


God is good.



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