She’s Been All Over – Why Not Boston?

So, as many of you know, Gwen, Justin, and Callie have spent the summer travelling all over the country. They finally made it home to Raleigh and then promptly all flew to Boston for Gwen’s latest appointment. From there, they are then spending a couple of days in Lake George before heading back to NC.

Their summer travels went well, for the most part. Although I think Callie would be fine to not see another National Park for awhile. We met up with them in Oregon for our cousin’s wedding (along with our parents, sister Kristen and family, and aunt Jeri) and tagged along for a couple days in Yellowstone. T’was fun! (And we found out that Kenlee is a restless sleeper as she kept the camper shifting around every time she rolled over).


Anyway, on to Boston: lungs and brain were CLEAR. That’s right folks, CLEAR. They see no signs of anything going on in there. šŸ™‚


There was not a bone scan done, so we don’t know the status of the spots she has had on her hip, etc. Nor do I have an update on her eye. But this is pretty darn amazing news! (Kevin and I wish we had her in Vegas with us right now, actually…) Keep all those prayers coming!

5 thoughts on “She’s Been All Over – Why Not Boston?

  1. Rockin’ awesome. We too enjoyed a one too many national parks, but we’ll never forget them. So happy for Gwen and fsmily.


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