Hey everyone. This is Allisen, Gwen’s sister friend. I will be helping Gwen keep people abreast of her health status. I may not get everything right all the time, but I will do my best! We are starting this a couple months late, so I will try to bring everyone up to speed as accurately as I can depending on my poor memory! Hopefully Gwen will be posting at times as well. She can correct anything I screw up!


Please remember to visit gwenstrong.com if you’d like to make a donation or to register for the 5K coming up on February 21, 2015!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Allisen,
    We are friends of the Orilios in New Hartford. Our kids were in marching band with Justin in High School. Our daughter went to Geneseo with Justin and Gwen. I had the privilege to work with Don and Jean as a teacher for many years.
    Justin and Gwen are fortunate to have you in their lives. Moving to North Carolina was a blessing. Being close to Duke and the wonderful medical facilities there is something that was not part of their decision, I am sure, when they made that choice but what good fortune it has turned out to be.
    Many folks here are praying for all of you. We know what a wonderful couple they are and are praying for their care givers as well. Thank you for the updates. There is nothing like a sister….thank you for all you are doing.
    Paul and Maggie Doyle


  2. Hello Allisen,
    Thank you for writing your blog. My sister was recently disgnosed with lung cancer and your blog led us to Dr. Garst, who has now taken over her care (we also live in Raleigh). She was doing very poorly but is now improving under Dr. Garst’s care. I wish the best for your sister Gwen and thank you again for your effort in sharing your sister’s story, which was a blessing for us.
    Liz G


    • Thank you for your message! It is nice to find out that putting Gwen’s story out there was able to help someone. We’re glad to here that your sister is improving and hope she continues to do so! May you have continued blessings.
      Allisen and Gwen


  3. Just listened to Gwen’s speech at the NC Lung Initiative’s Annual Meeting. I remain so deeply inspired by her “story”…her courage, her perseverance, her hope, her faith. Forever holding her close in heart and prayer. Betty


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